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The origin of Duluth as the name of the city, was named after Daniel Greysolon Du Luth (1636-1710), and was a French captain and explorer. He negotiated and signed peace between Saulters and Sioux nations in the area of the city of Duluth September 15th, in 1679. The city was called Duluth in his memory. He died in Montréal in 1710. Duluth has been an important crossroads to the area since the Cherokee Indians first settled here. In 1821, Evan Howell, Duluths forefather, developed the town of Howell Crossing which later evolved into a major artery for the railroad. At the time that Evan Howell came to the area, there was only one road opened in the section. This was the Peachtree Road, an offshoot of an old Indian trail that ran along the bridge south of the Chattahoochee River. It had been surveyed and constructed during the War of 1812 and connected Ft. Daniel with the fort at Standing Peachtree, 30 miles down river. Peachtree Road is still the most famous road in Georgia. He realized that more roads were needed in order for the area to develop, so he obtained permission in February 1833 to construct a road from the Chattahoochee River across his land to intersect Peachtree Road. This intersection became known as Howells Cross Roads and was know by this name for 40 years.

Duluth was named Tree City in 1989 and is known for its dedication to preserving green space. Trees appear in the seal as a symbol of Duluths Tree City designation. The Cupola that sits above the Cities new Festival Center building and amphitheater located in the historic downtown represents the Cities commitment to Pride in the Old and New by maintaining the historic integrity found in the downtown. A plan for restoring the downtown and preserving its older buildings was approved in 1998 and implementation of the plan began in 2000.

Duluth is recognized as a model city for Gwinnett County. It is poised with a perfect blend of small businesses, entrepreneurial enterprise, major corporation and visionary developers. Its success rate has been obtainable through sound economic efforts, business advocacy and leadership development. The vitality of Duluth is no accident. It is the result of careful planning and great foresight on the part of its business and community leaders. From tangible communication programs to local events that influence and impact the business environment, Duluth embraces a unique, concentrated form of government. In September 2000, the City of Duluth opened its doors to the first Duluth History Museum located at 3582 West Lawrenceville Street.

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Efficiency apartments start at $500, 1 bedroom apartments start at $585, 2 bedroom apartments start at $800 and 3 bedrooms start at $950

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